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Into the Woods Review Part 1

Don’t go in there.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with studio marketing departments.  I love them in that they always seem to be way smarter than the actual movie director, writers, or producers.  They can sniff out a stinker and pick out the few gems like a smuggler who moves diamonds inside his digestive tract in order to compose a trailer that puts asses in theater seats.  They are really, really good at that.

But I hate them because they suck me in every time.  I have seen a lot of really craptacular movies in my time but I honestly can’t think of a single really bad trailer.  Sure you can pick out subtle clues that the film is the movie equivalent of getting your manhood slammed in a car door several times (most of those clues usually rhyme with Bichael May, Cicholas Nage, or Orberto Rorci) but most times trailers are the Judas goat leading you up the ramp.

The point is I have seen the trailer for this film dozens of times and never once got the impression that it was a freaking awful musical.  A lot of you might think that I have a thing against musicals but the truth is there are several I like a great deal.  Movie t shirtDr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast are all excellent examples of what a musical should be: a fun story with good dialog greatly enhanced by clever inspired original music destined to become iconic (I dare you to tell me you don’t know the words to the Time Warp.  Image from the movie t shirt category).


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