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Into the Woods Review Part 3

I won’t say this film was unwatchable.  I enjoyed Emily Blunt as the Bakers Wife and I appreciate a story that doesn’t feel the need to whitewash everything into happy happy joy joy in fear of exposing younglings to something that might traumatize their little brains (or perhaps help them grow a little backbone for when they grow up and deal with actual life.  Your mollycoddling is doing them a disservice (said the man with no children) and only serves to protect you from having to explain things to them.  Kudos on helping to raise the Wimpiest Generation.  Vidoe Game T ShirtPlus if you really think you are protecting your children you should know that by age 10 I guarantee they have a friend who lets them play Assassins Creed.  Let them have a few nightmares.  My parents did nothing to insulate me from violence, bullies, and massive self esteem issues and look how great I turned out.  Image courtesy of the video game t shirt category).

It’s just that the good is so grievously outweighed by the bad.  The songs.  The story.  The dialog.  The mediocre sets, CGI, and special effects.  The fact that every male character in this film looks, sounds, and acts like a sexual predator.  It’s like the casting director logged onto a talent agency site but was redirected onto the Megan’s Law page.  There was nothing in this film to draw me in.  A couple of characters die and I felt all the bereavement of flushing a toilet.


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