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Into the Woods Review Part 4

The story.  A flimsy pretext is found to connect a bunch of old fairy tales together.  A witch curses a baker with infertility unless he can find a white cow, red hood, golden slipper, and blond hair (I hope you have your story decoding glasses on to unravel this plot).  We then get mini versions of the stories.  I’m going to assume you aren’t idiots and can figure out how the stories all connect at this point.  Movie T ShirtThere is a twist that might have added some drama had they not solved the dilemma 30 seconds later and a lady giant attacks who is slain when hit between the eyes with a rock the relative size of an ant from a sling by a young boy (oh yeah.  In an attempt to remain as unoriginal as possible they ripped off David and Goliath too.  Come to think of it the trap they used on the giant was the exact same trap the Prince used on Cinderella.  Lame.  Image courtesy of movie t shirt category).

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1 of 5 Blech

So worth seeing?  No, not really unless you are a huge fan of one of the many stars of this film or perhaps the repetitive nature of Stephen Sondheim songs helps sooth you to sleep.  It is a rare occasion when I truly regret the time spent watching a film good or bad (I generally find things to enjoy in bad films) but I honestly wish I had my $11 and 125 minutes back.  I was so uninspired that it took me almost a week to get around to writing this review.  I know that this film has garnered praise by other critics (71% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes but only 59% from audience.  America, I love you) but I think this is another Emperors Clothes situation where critics fear looking like an uncultured oaf for not paying tribute to a highly overrated Broadway play.  I am an uncultured oaf and don’t care what Broadway thinks of me.  1 of 5 phasers.

I have a couple more 2014 movies to see before I do my annual best and worst lists.  Check back soon.

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