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Star Trek Retrospective: Charlie X

This is one of my favorite episodes.  My childhood was rife with alienation and isolation from other human beings and I therefore truly identified with poor Charlie Evans.  I know a lot of other reviewers of Star Trek didn’t really like this episode due to the whole “god child” cliche (which would later be revisited in the Squire of Gothos) as well as the fact that this is another episode that treats women like walking talking sex dolls but the fate of Charlie (and his dark sense of humor) always struck a chord with me.  To this day I feel terrible and kind of tear up whenever I see the final scene of Charlie begging for help.  The terror he shows is apparent and the massive abandonment pretty much feels like my 2nd grade all the way through high school graduation.

Star Wars t-shirtsAnyway this episode made number 8 on my personal top 10 best TOS Episode list.  I suppose it’s true that I am more drawn towards the darker stories.  Shore Leave and the Trouble with Tribbles I can take or leave but given the opportunity to see City on the Edge of Forever or the Conscious of the King and I will always take it.  Take what you will of that if you care to try to understand my own dark personality.  (Dark Side (that’s the literal translation) image comes from my collection of Star Wars t-shirts)

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