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Some thoughts on the TV show Z Nation

So I’m done with Star Trek TOS and enjoyed every minute of it.  I think I might do the same thing with DS9 but want to take a break and talk about other stuff that has caught my eye on Netflix.  First up: walking Dead Knock off Z Nation.

Of course calling a show a knock off of the Walking Dead is unfair since the Walking Dead is actually a knock off of about 800 zombie movies.  Still, this show is like the Walking Dead with a mission.  Zombie t-shirtsZombie apocalypse happens (thank God.  Image courtesy of our huge collection of zombie t-shirts) and one guy proves immune to the disease.  Of course he was a prisoner forced to take the anti virus and has what might be generously considered a bad attitude and the lab they need to get him to is across the country.  So the journey begins.

My first take on this show is it is alternatively one of the best zombie shows out there or the stupidest.  Very hard core with things the Walking Dead wouldn’t touch like zombie children, zombie babies, cannibalism, and other stuff more than a little past PG-13.  However once you get into the hard core nature of the show they trot out some dumb Zombi3-esque cliche and make the show look really stupid.  Sorry but a zombie baby should present about as much danger to a full grown man as a football if you know what I mean.

Anyway I’m crunched for time but will parse out more thoughts on this show and a couple others I have been watching.  Check back soon.

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