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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer

I, like 99.999% of the nerd world, recently saw the new Star Wars trailer and am very excited.  I like where they are going with the guy from Attack the Block and loved the Mark Hamil voice over.  I have my fingers crossed rigidly in hopes of a reboot that washes out both the hatred I feel for Lucas for Episodes I-III and the hatred I feel for JJ Abrams for the last two Star Trek train wrecks.

However, like I did with the first one there always has to something that bugs me about it and as much as I hate to say it in this case it’s Harrison Ford.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Han Solo and thought his inclusion in this film as a veteran rogue giving advice to a new group of swashbucklers would be awesome.  However the instead opted to stick him in with only the wrinkles on his face showing any sign that time has passed.  He is even dressed exactly the same (you would think that sometime in the past 20 years he might have picked up a hat or found his old Def Leppard t-shirt.  SWTR0269-2__80777.1404190043.1280.1280Chewbacca looks exactly the same and has the same crossbow.  Don’t Wookies get grey hair at some point?  There was a lot of grey on Itchy from the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Sorry Disney.  Lucas created it so it is still canon.  Happy Life Day!  Chewie image courtesy of our collection of Star Wars t-shirts).  It looks like they are going to stick Han Solo in like he’s been smuggling “spice” since the Emperor died.

But really the problem is that his cameo felt as forced and awkward as a catheter made from a firehose.  It felt like going to a wild 6 keg frat party at college and have your uncle show up and hang out.  You are glad to see him but he just seems really out of place and kind of hampers your enjoyment.  It just felt odd.  Also what was up with his line “Chewie…we’re home”?  Wasn’t he a general in the rebellion at the end of Jedi?  Also wasn’t he supposed to marry Princess Leia?  Was that the best line they could think of for him?  Maybe if they wanted to ramp up the cheese factor.

Anyway regardless I am very excited and will write more on it soon.  Thanks

the Infamous Dave Inman

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