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Is Popeye the Sailor a Good Father Figure?

Cartoon t shirtThe other day I was going through the cartoon t shirt category and came across this gem from Popeye the Sailor.  I used to watch the Popeye and Friends show every Sunday morning and enjoyed it a lot.  In many ways Popeye was kind of of the make role model I’d wished I’d had so this morning I wondered if Popeye would make a good father figure for young Dave.

Here are the points:


  1. Knows the value of nutrition
  2. Never gives up (strong to the finish)
  3. American serviceman (Navy)
  4. Stands up to bullies
  5. Hard working
  6. Kind hearted/helps those in need
  7. Animal lover
  8. Believes in the value of boundaries (“That’s all I can stand.  I can’t stands no more”)
  9. Understands that “No” means no
  10. Can use his pipe to make a steam whistle sound


  1. Smokes
  2. Mumbles
  3. Poorly educated/bad grammer
  4. Resorts to violence as a means of settling disputes
  5. Tattoos (hey we’ve all got them but tattoos=/=Ward Clever)
  6. Bizarre elephantiasis of the forearms
  7. Squints
  8. Bad posture
  9. Frequently travels

Looks like the pipe steam whistle thing puts him over the top.  In general I think the personality traits of bravery and integrity would make him a good role model but his archetype is well past his time.  These days we could never have a cartoon about a smoking mumbler who associated with prostitutes and brawls with street thugs.  We wouldn’t want kids to know that such things ever existed in our country and they might have to deal with them one day.

the Infamous Dave Inman

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