Text conversations with Dave and Dave – John Wick 2

Horror Movie T-ShirtsSo a while ago I posted a conversation with my best friend Dave about how he accidentally sat on a Hot Pocket and burned the crap out of his ass.  It was hilarious and a lot of fun so I think I am going keep an eye out for gems like the one we had this morning about John Wick 2.

Dave C: Yay John Wick 2! Will it be personal this time?

Dave I: Not another dead dog!

DC: Two dead dogs and a kitten.

DC: He killed all the Russians.  Nest time the Chinese blow up the animal shelter he volunteers at.

DI: What if a dog killed his dog?

DC: He goes after the breeders.

DI: What if cancer killed his dog?

DC: He goes microcellular.

DI: What if his dog was implanted with an Alien and the alien killed it when it burst from the dogs chest but it was still part of his dog and kind of cute in a dog/alien sort of way?

DC: Awesome.  You should courier it over to Paramount.

DI: LOL.  I see inner conflict.

DC: Maybe the dog turns into a werewolf and bites the car, making the car a werecar.

DI: What if the dog has the microbes to stop the zombie apocalypse but the only way to get them is in a big blender?


DI: What if he took the dog from the last movie to the Pet Cemetery and it became zombie dog?

DC: Oops boss just called.  Gotta go.

That was pretty much the end.  Bosses don’t really understand the importance of discussing motivation for Keanu Reeves characters.  Alien image courtesy of the horror movie t-shirts category.  Let me know if you think these are funny and I’ll keep an eye out for them.

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