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Dave and Dave: Paying Clone Child Support

Dave C: I want a McDlt and a Shamrock Shake.

Dave I: Ugh.  Love it when your employee creates more work than she saves.

DC: That is what employees do.  The busier I get the less I let employees do so I can get everything done.

DI: Can I just clone myself a few times?

DC: It’s expensive and you end up with rejects and paying support is a bitch.

DI: How about a hologram of myself?

DC: “Help me David Inman you’re my only hope”?  Like that?

DC: I have one of my father saying “never get married and don’t have kids”.

BSG115-AT-2__39942.1404193959.1280.1280DI: Classic Battlestar Galactica or the ship from Starblazers?


DI: Ever wonder why the didn’t just stick Dr. Theopolis’s brain into Twiki’s body and cut the annoying characters in that show by 50%?


DI: Kingpin or Jabba the Hut?

DC: Kingpin.

DI: Jabba has a live band and a hover palace.

DC: Flash Gordan or Han Solo?FA521CU__11206.1417940774.1280.1280

DI: Solo.  He gets Carrie Fisher when she’s young and hot.  Also his ship doesn’t have sparklers coming out the back.

DC: Flash was in better shape and hawkmen are way cooler to hang out with than Wookies.

DI: Solo was in good enough shape.

Star Wars T-ShirtsDC: Princess Leia was a drugged out bitch.

DI: Mean but true. (Image courtesy of my Star Wars t-shirts collection)

the Infamous Dave Inman

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