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Dave and Dave: Supernatural is fun and Chim Chim sucks.

Dave I: Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs the Munsters.  With Spot.

Dave C: Munsters.  Ever see Herman pissed?

DI: True.  Might go badly for Granpa though.  She is expert at vampires.  Ghostbusters vs Evil Ash?

DC: Ghostbusters.

DI: Ghostbusters vs Big Ben from House with the M60.

DC: Ben.

DI: Big Ben vs the Winchester Bros from Supernatural.

DC: Ben was really tough.  Haven’t seen Supernatural.

DI: You should watch Supernatural.  It’s fun and has like 10 seasons.  At least the Winchester Bros bring guns.  Ghostbusters vs Beetlejuice.

DC: Beetlejuice.

DI: I agree.  Unless they say his name three times.

DI: Partrick Sqayze in Ghost vs the Ghostbusters.


X-FilesDI: Moulder and Scully vs Graboid.

DC: Graboid.  Aquaman vs Space Ghost.

DI: Space Ghost unless the Phantom Cruiser crash landed in the ocean.  Blip from Space Ghost vs Gleek from Super Friends.  Remember that  Blip had a jet pack.

Clint EastwoodDC: Blip.  The man with no name (Clint Eastwood in 3 movies) vs Rick.

DI: Tough one.  I’ll say Clint Eastwood unless they are fighting in a zombie apocalypse.

DI: Sorry Walker apocalypse.

DC: But the man with no name was a ghost.

DI: Ever get annoyed at the Walking Dead for not just saying zombies once in a while?

DC: High Plains Drifter he disappeared at the end.  Ghostbusters vs High Plains Drifter!  LOL!

DI: True.  Blip vs Chim Chim.  And as much as any sane human hates Chim Chim remember he could fix cars.

DC: I hate Chim Chim.Cartoon t shirt

DI: That’s because you are a sane human.

DC: Never mention Chim Chim to me again.

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