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Dave and Dave: Michonne’s sword, new Spider-Man movie, and Puberty Love

Dave C: Michoni vs Inigo Montoya.

Dave I: You got me.  Who the hell is Mishoni?

DC: Walking Dead.

DI: I think it’s spelled Michonne.  Probably Inigo especially if Michonne happens to have six fingers on one hand.

DC: They have to nerf her sword.  Is it a monofilament sword or what?

DI: Lol.  It’s super easy to cut off heads.  You should know that.

DC: With a real sword she would not last one zombie.

DI: Maybe a bastard sword would work but that’s because those were basically sharp clubs.

Spiderman t shirtDC: Yay!  New Spider-Man movies and they are recasting Spidy.  I’m sure Sony will get it right this time.  Still they are refusing rights to Disney to make a good Spider-Man movie. (note-image is from a very cool Spiderman t shirt in our collection)

DI: No way could Sony screw up Spider-Man AGAIN.  “Me fail Spider-Man?  That’s unpossible!”


DI: At least we can count on them not casting some sizzle chested man/boy in his mid to late 20’s pretending to be a teenager.

DC: Their last star hit puberty and got disqualified.

DI: Oh his testicles dropped?  Good/bad for him.

DC: Puberty, puberty love.

DI: ?

DC: Puberty Love is the song from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

DI: That’s right.  Cool.

DC: Now I have Puberty Love stuck in my head.  Killer Tomatoes vs zombies.

DI: Tomatoes.

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