Dave and Dave: how to kill the Six Million Dollar Man

the Karate Kid T ShirtDave I: Mr. Miyagi vs Splinter.

Dave C: Good one!  Splinter I suppose but I like Miyagi better. (image comes from a great Karate Kid t shirt)

DI: As a Skaven player I have to support the rats.

DC: Splinter uses weapons so he gets an edge.  Steve Austin vs the T100 unarmed.

DI: T100.  Austin didn’t have a bionic rib cage and the Terminator would rip out his heart.  “Jump high now a#&*@#$”

DC: He can pop a tennis ball with his hand.  Ghostbusters vs Christine.

DI: With or without the ECTO-1?

DC: Sure with.

DI: Ghostbusters but it would be close.

DC: Dunno Christine was indestructible and pissed.

DI: They’d probably have to get a dump truck sized ghost trap.

DC: Peter Pan vs Legolas unarmed.

DI: Is there a way they could both die?

DC: Lol sure but who falls first?

DI: Legolas is faster with more combat experience.  Pan can fly.  I’d have to go with Legolas.

DC: I’d root for Peter.  Lobo vs Godzilla.  No chopper.

DI: Lobo is effectively immortal.  Godzilla would eat him and Lobo would claw his way out.

DC: I see him butchering Godzilla steak by steak.

DI: Yep.  Lobo vs Darth Vader.

DC: Lol Lobo no contest.  Dr. Venture vs Mandark.

DI: With or without Brock Sampson?

DC: No, but they get their labs.

DI: Mandark

DC: Brock Sampson vs Archer.

DI: Brock

DC: Captain Brannigan vs Archer.

DI: In battle Archer.  In love Archer.  In snazzy velour uniforms Brannigan.

DC: Lol

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