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Dave and Dave: Robby the Robot and vacuum cleaner face

Dave C: Toxic Avenger vs Captain America

Dave I: Captain America.  You know I always liked Swamp Thing more than Toxic Avenger.

DC: Swamp Thing freaked me out.

DI: That’s cuz he was just a big swamp zombie with a vacuum cleaner for a face.

DC: S-s-s-s-s-swamp monster!!!

DC: Short Round vs Marty McFly.

DI: Short Round!  His belt is super FTW!

DI: Oh wait that’s the kid from Goonies.

DC: Yep but put a pound of beef on the line.  Kid was starving.  Should have said Indiana Jones kid from Crystal Skull vs Marty.

DI: Depends on if he had taken his Geritol.

DC: I meant Shia Le Boof.

DI: Oh.  He could be taken out with a mild fart.

DC: Exactly.

DI: Marty then.  Shia LaBeouf vs the Smurfs.

DC: Shia.  I ahte the Smurfs More.  R2D2 vs Maximilian.

DC: Maximilian from the Black Hole.

DI: Maximilian.

Novelty T ShirtDI: R2 and C3PO vs Robby the Robot.

DC: I Love Robby.  I pick him.

DI: He was way cooler in Forbidden Planet than Lost in Space. (the image comes from a novelty t shirt in my personal collection BTW.  I love Forbidden Planet.  It’s a real thinker).

DC: Piccachu vs a bucket of cold water.

DI: Lol.  Squirtl vs a urinary tract infection.

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