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Dave and Dave: Does Aquaman actually have any real powers?

Dave I: Blue Thunder, the helicopter from Rip Tide, or Airwolf?

Dave C: There is a god.  Charlize Theron dumped that idiot Sean Penn.  If I can’t have her none shall!

DI: Lol

Zombie T ShirtsDC: You know what they call a zombie in France? A zombie royale.  (Image from the zombie t-shirts collection)

DI: Because of the metric system?

DC: I think because they are purple.

DI: France doesn’t really need a lot of excuses to be lame.

DC: Airwolf BTW.  It was armor plated like KITT and could do Mach 1.  Godzilla vs Aquaman.

DI: Please.  Godzilla even in the ocean.

DC: Aquaman could send wave after wave of blue whales to their deaths while he called JLA.

DI: Lol.  Aquaman vs sodium.

DC: Naven Johnson vs Paul Blart.


DC: Stay away from those oil cans.

DI: Ever wonder if Aquaman actually had powers?  What if he were just a guy who hung around the Justice League telling everyone he was the king of Atlantis?  I bet you could get away with that for a while.

DC: Tie him to a tree for one hour and one minute and see if he lives.

DI: “I just swam every inch of the Pacific Ocean looking for Lex Luthor.  Uh, no sign of him.”  Maybe he’s a crazy man with a good PR department.

DI: Also why do they never him search the sewers?  Seems like Batman is the one who ends up the Worlds Greatest Poo detective.

DC: He would not want to soil his armor.

DI: “Here’s your chance fish boy!  Help us find Killer Krok!” “Uh, this looks like a job for Batman.”

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