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Dave and Dave: Pogs, Pet Rocks, Gargamel, and Zombie Batman.

Dave I: Loki vs Lex Luthor (Battle of the L’s)

Dave C: Loki.  Pogs vs Pet Rocks.

DI: Pet rocks.  At least you can throw them at your enemies and idiots who collect pogs.  Batman vs Tallehasse.

DC: Batman.

DI: Yep. It would be a cool battle though.  Zombie Batman vs Tallehasse.

DC: Batman

DI: I don’t know.  When you got zombie all your training and equipment goes out the window.

DC: But he’d still be covered in Kevlar.

DI: True.  Also the inherent Batmanness would probably carry through.

DC: Tick vs Loki.

DI: Tick.  Close one though.  Tallehasse and his crew vs Evil Ash and his Army of Darkness.

DC: Ash and Horde.

DI: Sad but true.  Treebeard and the Ents vs the evil trees from the Evil Dead.

DC: Evil Dead.  Boris and Natasha vs Mandark.

DI: Mandark.  Boris and Natasha couldn’t beat Bullwinkle.  Natasha and Boris vs Gargamel.  Battle of the failed villains.

DC: With Azreal Gargamel.

Cartoon T ShirtDI: The gang from Goonies vs the Scooby Doo gang.  No Sloth or Scrappy Doo.

DC: Goonies with the older brother.

DI: What if Scrappy joined up with the Goonies?

DC: Goonies for sure.  Scrappy was the muscle.

DI: I see him as more of a detriment.  Either that or a soccer ball.  One Eyed Willie vs the Scooby Doo gang.  (image from a great cartoon t shirt in my collection)

DC: Willie 100 years dead.

DI: Lol.  Would they survive even the first trap?

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