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Dave and Dave: Awesom-o 4000, Cherry 2000, the Thunderbirds were wimps, and why modern movies suck

Dave C: Team America vs Thunderbirds.

Dave I: Good one.  Thunderbirds had better vehicles but Team America had a psychic.  I’d go Team America.

DC: Their wonton use of violence would be a big plus.

DI: Just remember that violence settles everything.  Plus their leader is a sarcastic sexual degenerate.

DC: I love the opening scene in Paris.

DI: Thunderbirds were kind of wimps really.  Team America vs G Force.

DC: Team America.  Awesom-o 4000 vs Wall-E.

DI: From the Simpsons?

Cartoon T ShirtDC: Awesom-o was when Cartman disguised himself as a robot to trick Butters. (South Park image from our newly updated cartoon t shirt category)

DI: Awesom-o wins based on name alone.  Barbarella vs Cherry 2000.

DC: Cherry 2000.

DI: Remember the good old days when a quest to save your sex android was considered a reasonable movie plot line?

DC: The 80s…plus you got to see a bunch of other girls naked on the way.

DI: These days the plot would be the android is a hot research scientist with a cure for a global pandemic.  Also there would be zombies.

DC: Dino vs Scooby Doo.

DC: Doo.  F*^% autocorrect.

DI: Dino.  He trained by fighting a saber tooth tiger.

DC: I thought he was always running away.

DI: No he used to fight too.  If it was a contest to see who could run away the fastest I’d bet on Scooby Doo.

DC: Lol.

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