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Dave and Dave: Gandalf, Noah lava monsters, and Jar Jar Binks

For those who are late to the party I’m just posting text conversations with my best friend Dave.  These are about as nerdy as two guys can get.

Dave C: Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Dave I: Gandalf.  Plus I’d throw a party afterwards.  I hate Dumbledork.

DC: Gandalf wasn’t my fav either but dumbledorf could actually do magic.

DI: Gandalf beat the Balrog.  With a sword.

DC: Yeah I should have qualified no sword.

DI: Dumbledork died to Severus Snape.  Without a sword I’d still say Gandalf.  Remember his duel with Saruman.

DC: I’ll give you that he would win.  I wanted to make it a contest.  Noah rock monsters vs Jar Jar Binks in suckiness.

DI: In terms of annoyance and also how much damage done to nerd culture Jar Jar by a landslide.  He is the Black Plague of suckiness.

DC: I’m off today.  Ewoks would of been better.

DI: Yeah.  Jar Jar or Ewoks.  Noah lava monsters or Twiki.

DC: Lava monster.

DI: I’d say Jar Jar and Ewoks are equally bad but for different reason.  By the way do you think the Ewoks will surface in the new movie?

DC: There are supposed to be Wookies.  I bet there are a s&*%load of Wookies.

DI: Maybe.  What if Wookies married Ewoks?  eWookies?  Like an iPhone?  Regardless they would be suck x20.

Star Wars T-ShirtsDC: I’m not fond of Wookies either.  Chewie was a whiny bitch and the least effective fighter. (image courtesy of the Star Wars t-shirt category)

DI: Yep.  Also if you really want to hate Wookies go watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. (note-DO NOT WATCH THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.  You have been warned)

DI: Two words.  Wookie porn.  Be sure to wish George Lucas a Happy Life Day in December.

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