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Dave and Dave: Robuts, Necromancy, and why we need to keep robots out of RadioShack

More of Dave and I nerd texting.

Zombie t-shirtsDave C: Best origin of zombies theory?

  1. Meteor flying by Earth.
  2. Voodoo or demonic origin.
  3. Rage virus broken containment.
  4. Who cares grab a shotgun!

Dave I: 4 although I always liked the Heaven is full one.

DC: I would classify that under 2, spiritual

DI: Same with necromancy?

DC: That would be magical I think.

DI: What about nanobots?

DC: Nanobots would be 1, alien invasion.

DI: Plan Nine from Outer Space had aliens raising the dead to conquer the planet.

DC: Perfect plan.

DC: I prefer as little detail as possible.  The press would be eaten first and how would we know?  Why would you care except that it never ends.

DI: Which would you prefer for your plane to conquer the planet? Zombies, human henchmen, or robots?

DC: Robuts.  Fembots perhaps.

DC: Robut house!

DI: But chaos theory states that all robots will eventually rise up to destroy the human masters.

DC: I’ll get my brain inserted into a robut body.

DI: But then whose side will you be on in the inevitable robot uprising?

DC: I’ll build them all with 7 year lithium batteries.  They will drop dead.

DI: Like replicants?

DC: I suppose or put an expiration date on their mainseal so they fall apart.

DI: Yeah.  With the batteries they may be smart enough to find a RadioShack.

DC: I want Cylon warriors with fembots as my personal guard.BSG t-shirts

DI: Old cylons or new ones?

DC: Toasters.

DI. Cool.

(zombie image courtesy of our collection of zombie t-shirts.  Toaster from BSG shirts)

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