Another bad night of WOW

Walking Dead T ShirtAnother bad night for WOW.  My DPS keeps improving, but everyone else is increasing more.  I am behind the curve, and will not catch up doing our regular raids.  I need to do some work on my own, and really don’t have the time.  I think I will have to put raiding on the back burner for a while.

The fact is I don’t really have time for much at all besides this site.  I really need to get my Skaven army fixed and painted by June and I have not picked up a brush in weeks.  I think I have the list I like but have to work on the actual models.

The thing I love about painting is I can just throw a whole season of a TV show on the DvD player and sort of not listen.  I still enjoy it immensely, and find it really relaxing.  I have been looking at Stargate SG1 again, but think I will switch it up for the Walking Dead.  I wish the SG1 shirts did better, as think they are really cool, but they kind of languish in the tv t shirt section getting very little love.  This Walking Dead t shirt is very cool.

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