Nerd Dating: Dating with Physical Activity Part 2

So if you are still reading after yesterdays post I can assume you aren’t frightened by the idea of being outside and generating a sweat.  Here are some more idea for good date stuff that involves something more active than flicking the TV remote.

Skiing or snowboarding – if you are fortunate enough to be close enough to  ski resort to do a one day trip to the mountain (or, as we used to call it, a burrito run) this can be a great date.  It’s outdoors in some beautiful scenery, you get to rest on the lift between runs, its cold which can motivate her to snuggle up, and getting hurt snowboarding or skiing can look pretty studly, as long as you don’t do it while trying to get off the ski lift.  Also, unless she is an expert skier at some point halfway through the day she will probably jump at your suggestion to get some hot chocolate and sit in the lodge for a couple hours.  Skiing is one of those things everyone has to claim to love, but after five or six runs the average person is happy to sit watching other people be cold while looking cool in their ski clothes.

By the way, this should be pretty obvious, but don’t suggest this unless you actually know how to ski or snowboard.  Nothing will make you look like more of a eunuch like flailing down the bunny slope.  You need to make sure you are both at about the same skill level or you are better than her (being her teacher for the day can really make you look good).

Those dumb paddle boats – yes, the are stupid.  But did you ever wonder how they stay in business?  It’s because they make for great dates.  You are out on the water (all two feet of it, usually) by yourself with your girl and having fun.  It will usually be relatively quiet, and there will be ducks, frogs, and other local fauna to distract her.

As a side benefit, your (hopefully) superior musculature and body weight will more or less mean you can keep your half of the boat moving while doing about 1/3 the work.  If you feel at all guilty about that just remember that odds are sometime in the next couple months she will be asking you to move a couch or something.  Also, don’t forget that “mauled by a mountain lion saving her” thing from my hiking entry.

Bowling – yes, unless you are on the PBA you will probably suck at this, but as goofy as it is, it is fun and entertaining.  This is another activity that everyone claims to love to do, but once faced with the reality of actually doing it are willing to hang it up after about two games.  Be sure to practice your moon walk while on the floor with the shoes.

Ice or roller skating – ironically, this is one activity where it is actually OK to be much worse than your date at.  Flailing aimlessly around on the ice while she does triple axles is in a weird way endearing and cute.  You will not lose any credibility with her even if you fall on your ass.  There is a good chance she will even admire your courage and willingness to try something outside your box.  On the other hand, if you are great at it you will burn a ton of calories and look cool.  There is not a way to lose here, unless you get hurt (not as cool as getting hurt snowboarding).

That’s it for today.  More tomorrow.

For our who would win question, the Punisher versus Fidel Castro, I am going a assume Frank Castle either got co-opted by the CIA or discovered Castro was involved in the drug trade somehow.  On the one hand, the Punisher is an expert in all forms of mayhem, and with enough planning could probably make something happen.  On the other hand, by all reports Castro has survived any number of CIA or NSA attempts on his life.  I honestly don’t really know, but I am inclined to go with the Punisher just because I like him better. (Castro image courtesy of the political t shirt category)

For today let’s go historical inventors.  Who would win, Ben Franklin versus Leonardo da Vinci?

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