Movie review: Thor

So last night I got a suggestion from a friend of mine for a movie that could potentially really suck, Dylan Dog, about a zombie private eye or something.  It was playing 20 miles away but during the drive my girlfriend (for lack of a better term) texted me saying she got free of work early and wanted to go see Thor.  Since the only reason I didn’t see it opening night was because she wanted to see it with me, I grabbed the chance like a life preserver and headed off.

The movie was, of course, great.  However, I think I fell victim of the trap of having everyone I know or read about gush about how awesome it was and really elevated my expectations.  Then, when I showed up with my bitter and cynical critical eye I see faults.  Nevertheless, great movie.

I’m not going to get into the story too much on this, as pretty much everyone who reads this most likely will see it or have already seen it.  Thor, the God of Thunder (or some kind of super advanced alien.  They seemed to imply both.  Thor image courtesy of the Marvel Comic t shirt category) gets into trouble with his dad and gets cast down to earth, where he gets to deal with being a mortal.  Absolutely no “stranger in a strange land” local color happens, much to my surprise.  I’m willing to bet a lot of it ended up on the cutting room floor.  Norse battle hijinx ensue.  Natalie Portman shows up as some kind of ill defined scientist (is she an astronomer, meteorologist, theoretical physicist, or astrophysicist?) as the love interest.  Things get blown up.  Guys get beat up.  Overall very cool and exciting.

By the way, I’d like to add that, in spite of his limited time on screen I thought the coolest character in the movie was Heimdall.  Fan boys looking for a great costume to make for Comic Con won’t go wrong here, especially if you are African American.

First the stars.  The movie was in general awesome.  Two stars.  Natalie Portman.  One star (two if she had done another thong shot like in Your Highness).  Anthony Hopkins.  One star.  The casting in was extremely good overall.  Both Loki and Thor were really done well.  One star.  The CGI and special effects were godlike in their greatness, and didn’t suffer from the obvious restrictions of being stuck in a small blue screen studio (suck it, George Lucas).  Two stars.  The acting was all great.  Two stars.  Comic book movie.  One star.  No annoying comic relief characters.  One star.  Thor, as the protagonist, actually shows some character development.  One star.  The destroyer was freaking awesome.  One star.  There was a moment that honestly got an emotional reaction out of my cold, dead heart (you’ll know it when you see the movie).  One star.  Spoiler at the end of the credits.  One star.  Total: fifteen stars.

Now the black holes.  I had a really hard time understanding Loki’s motivations.  He seemed to drift from one thing to the next, and even at the end I was not sure what his ultimate goal really was.  One black hole.  Natalie Portman as the super hot scientist who can’t find a man really didn’t ring true.  One black hole.  Thor and Natalie seem to fall completely in love and are willing to dedicate eternity to each other after knowing each other for about 12 hours.  One black hole.  The pacing of the film seemed really rushed.  They had everything happen in like one day when it seemed like it should have gone a couple months (and would have eliminated that whole super fast romance issue too).  One black hole.  The spoiler at the end of the film after the credits made no sense whatsoever, nor did it imply any other movies except perhaps Thor II.  One black hole.  They took a pretty liberal hand with modifying the Thor back story from the comic book, and tried to imply that all his godlike powers were the result of some kind of super science rather than actual divinity.  One black hole.  Total: six black holes.

Thus we come to a total of nine stars, an awesome score.  I highly recommend you all see this, in IMAX if possible.  This movie will work for comic book fans (assuming they don’t get all uptight about the back story) and laymen alike.  Great visuals, great story, all around a fun time.  The only thing I can say is, while I enjoyed the hell out of it, I am not really gung ho to see it a second time, which is what I would normally do for a movie of this ilk.  I think I need to ponder my motivation for that.

I will try to see Dylan Dog this week with the question “How bad could it be” foremost in my mind.  I think tomorrow I am going to talk about my new favorite movie reviewer (aside from me, of course).  Check it out.

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