Gearing up for WonderCon

Set up for WonderCon starts tomorrow, and if there’s one thing I have learned after many, many shows it’s that the early bird gets the worm/power outlet/hand truck/better space/free donut.  Therefore I am dedicating tonight (after a quick Warhammer game) to packing up my t shirts and loading up the car.  Most likely we are talking about a couple trips, but it should go pretty smoothly.  The worst part is tying my gridwall to the roof of my car.  I always feel incredibly white trash doing that.

I have a feeling that zombie t-shirts are going to be a big hit at this show, and have stocked up accordingly.  Also I am doing that Zombie Prom Saturday night and want to make sure I have plenty of zombie shirts for that.  Not sure how that is going to go, but could be fun.

If any of you are going to WonderCon please stop by and say hi.  Also, if any of you watched V let me know how it was.  I was going to go to a friends house to watch it but that fell apart.  Talk to you soon.

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