Warhammer Weekend

Novelty t shirtSo I am headed to a lame Warhammer Tournament today and tomorrow.  My friend asked me to come play ringer, but to be honest I am kind of hoping for an even number so I can bow out.  If there are more than 6 players I will be surprised.  I think this Failboat t shirt is appropriate from the novelty t shirt section.

My new Skaven build is based around the idea of having enough players at a tournament to avoid the tough lists.  This is pretty hard to do with less than 40 or so players, so I am going to bring the Red Steamroller.  In fact, I have so little respect for this tournament (except for the friend of mine who is being the head judge) that I am adding Flamers to the list, making it far worse than normal.  To hell with sports and composition.

Anyway, this is a good excuse to avoid the huge pile of new shirts that need to be uploaded and reviewed.  If I get sat out I will come home and work on them.  Otherwise it will be a long Monday.

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