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Talking about Dark City

Hulk t shirtI was working on this new Hulk magnet for the Hulk t shirt category to one of my favorite movies, Dark City.  What a great movie.  I love movies that totally surprise me, and this one really did.

Of course, it has a great 50’s style goth feel to it, with some amazing visuals.  The bad guys are great too; pale with bald heads and leather coats.  Mr. Hand is awesome.  When I become an evil super villain I think that’s what I want to end up looking like, although odds are I will look more like Mr. Book.

By weird coincidence, the female role in Dark City was Jennifer Connelly, who also starred in Labyrinth, another movie I just brought in shirts for and will be updating this week as well.  She was critically acclaimed for her performance in Dark City.

Speaking of critically acclaim, Dark City received a 77 percent from Rotten Tomatoes.  While that is much higher than most movies, I would rank it higher up.  Definitely one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, Alexander Proyas, the man who wrote and directed it, also directed I, Robot from 2004.  For a great actor, Will Smith sure picks some horrible scripts.  Remember Independence Day?  Or Wild Wild West?  You would think that as a fan of steam punk I would like that movie, but somehow they managed to make it suck.  I Am Legend blew too, if only because I read the book and have seen the good version with Charlton Heston.  To be fair, I actually liked Hancock (drunken reprobate superhero/demigod) and he was pretty good in The Pursuit of Happiness.  However, he would have to do about 10 movies that good to make up for Wild Wild West (which, by the way, he turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix for.  Great choice.  Learn to read a script, man).

For the record, on Rotten Tomatoes Wild Wild West got a 21% and the Matrix got an 86%.  What a fool.

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