Traveling down irrelevant tangents.

Spiderman t shirtSo I have been know to go off on irrelevant tangents in the past, but I think I hit a new high while working on this new Spider-Man t-shirt for the Spiderman t shirt section.  Unfortunately I lost the full sized image, but will shoot another one tonight.

I really enjoy going off in weird directions on my descriptions.  It is a very freeing experience.  I start off on one thing but then it reminds me of something else and next thing you know I am talking about something completely irrelevant (yet, I hope, entertaining).  For example, on this shirt I started off on the shirt itself and ended up discussing the issues I have with the surf industry.  It all kind of makes sense when you read it.

Other than that, I have ordered a ton of replacement shirts.  As soon as they arrive I will be doing some new stuff that I hope will help out a lot with promotions.  I’m sure I’ll talk about it soon.

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