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Wow way more work to do…

Jaws t shirtsSo a friend of mine taught me some stuff on Search Engine Optimization and that short lesson has translated into a ton of work.  Oh, well.  Life is still great, even if at the moment I feel like I’m working 80 hours a week only to take a vacation on Amity Island (image courtesy of our collection of  Jaws t shirts)

Going to build more terrain for the Quake City Rumble, the Warhammer tournament we are running in a couple months.  Really I should be working on the paint for the army I am running, as well as a new display board.  I promised myself I would be working on it this weekend, but here I am working on my site.

Also going to see Kick Ass again tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  I’m hoping I can pick up some subtle nuances that I missed first time around and blog about them tomorrow.

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