Red Dawn remake???

Geez, must every movie be remade?  It’s one thing when a great movie is remade into a cruddy one, but if I recall correctly Red Dawn was not exactly the greatest film ever made.  I guess that’s the sound of the bottom of a barrel being scraped, which is funny when you think about all the really good movies out there that could be remade.  Maybe the really good movies are somehow immune to remakes.  It keeps looking like they are going for movies that were good enough to do OK at the box office but not so good as to make the fans get really pissed off.

The reason I pulled this Chairman Mao image from the Political T Shirts is the original story was supposed to be about the Chinese invading the US to reposes on a bunch of defaulted debts.  That actually might have been good and would have definitely been timely.  However, the studio decided they couldn’t afford to alienate the Chinese and opted instead to go with the sucktastic choice of North Korea.  Do they really expect me to believe a county the size of Minnesota has the resources and manpower to even seriously threaten the United States?  This is one of the rare times you get to see a studio actively make the decision to create a crap movie.  It really just goes to show how little respect they have for their audience.  I would bet they only see us as bleating sheep with wallets.  I will not see this garbage.  Dave probably will, and I hope he dumps all over it.


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