Tree of Life gets two Oscar nominations???

So after I read Dave’s review for Tree of Life months ago I went and saw it to see if he was right on how bad it was.  It totally sucked.  I’ve seen YouTube videos that had better plots and stories.  How can the morons at the academy give a Best Director nomination on a film that was a random pile of weird footage?  Dave’s probably smarter on movies than I am and he couldn’t figure out what the damned point was.

This is a pretty good sign that the academy is chock full of pretentious a-holes who use their position to try to prove to the rest of Hollywood that they are smarter than they really are.  The question on my mind is if this is so why do they bother with such blue collar awards like best special effects?  Shouldn’t they be focused on which movie had the best caviar at the catering trucks?  If Tree of Life actually wins either of these awards I am going to set up a camera at the dog park near my house and submit whatever random footage I get as the animal movie of the year.

By the way, I don’t think Starfleet Academy is full of pretentious a-holes.  This shirt from the Star Trek T-Shirts category was the only image I could find with the word academy on it.


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