Titanic 3D review

SPOILER ALERT: the boat sinks.

So I did see this last night and yes, the girl I saw it with teared up.  Fortunately I had just recharged my robot batteries and managed to escape without being too affected by it. (If you want to see me cry like a baby show me the last 10 minutes of the Wrath of Khan.  Spock’s death scene hits me like nothing else.  TWOK image courtesy of the Star Trek T-Shirt category)

I have long avoided seeing Titanic for a laundry list of reasons.  At the time I didn’t know James Cameron from Adam and had no idea what a talented film maker he was.  Also I had issues with Hollywood pretty boys like Leonardo Di Caprio and did not want to support them.  Finally, I had a problem with Hollywood using the tragic death of 1500 people to sell a love story.

Time makes fools of us all, however.  Avatar made me a James Cameron fan.  Granted he doesn’t make the greatest stories, but he makes incredibly effective films that tug at your heartstrings.  Watching him in Inception has made me a fan of Leonardo, and I have since watched and enjoyed him in films like Shutter Island and J Edgar.  And finally seeing Hollywood take the great tragedy of my time, 911, and turn it into a cheesy story in Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close had more or less hardened me to the exploitation of tragic events that happened decades before I was born.

I am not going to go into the story.  If you are like me and haven’t seen it yet I’m sure the story of love found and lost (as told by Shakespeare) has filtered into your subconscious.  Either that or you live in a cave somewhere.  Nor am I going to do a formal review as it  would be a pointless waste of time.  The movie is nigh flawless, and except for a couple issues with some forced dialog I really couldn’t find any black holes that would not be total nit picking.  The story was seamless, the acting superb, and all the characters believable and cool.  I am especially a fan of Billy Zane (see him in Demonknight if you have not).  The chemistry between Leonardo and Kate Winslet is very real and makes for a great love story, while the tragic ending is like a punch in the stomach that somehow feels good.  Plus we get to see Kate Winslet topless.

I will say that unless the original film was a Hanna Barbara cartoon the 3D did absolutely, 100% nothing.  If I hadn’t gotten up to use the restroom I would have totally forgotten about the bad fashion decision on my face.  3D sucks, and post production 3D (15 years post production) sucks even more.

I couldn’t even come up with some funny questions like I did with Harry Potter.  I do have some but most of them make sense.  Like, for example, in the unlikely event I were ever to set foot on another ship (watching this movie has cured me of that desire for life) and there were not enough light boats, I think I would have grabbed a fire axe and cut enough deck material to make some kind of floatation device.  Kate ended up an a big piece of wood.  Also, why were crew members given seats on the boats in order to row when there were any number of able bodied male passengers who might have done it?

Actually I do have one funny question.  It is navel tradition that the captain of a ship be the last man off and should go down with the ship.  If you were given captaincy of a ship you would know that.  Why then would you be OK with being on a ship that did not have enough seats for everyone?  If you have 2,800 passengers and enough lifeboat seats for 2,799 people guess who gets the short end?  Of course, this movie is a study in the error of hubris.  This is why no ship since has been called “unsinkable” and why I don’t use phrases like “safe”, “that should work”, or “a good idea”.

Anyway, I did enjoy this movie, and if you are a stick in the mud like I was for years I suggest you get over it.  However, the 3D is more or less worthless so I think it OK to see it on a larger TV.  On the other hand a lot of the shots were pretty impressive so maybe it’s worth the headache (literally).

Thanks for reading.  Not a lot out right now that I want to go see, but I will find something to write about tomorrow morning.  If you have a comment about this review feel free to post it here, or follow me on Twitter @Nerdkungfu.  You can email me with specific questions or suggestions at david@nerdkungfu.com.  Talk to you soon.



  • Anand Kumar G April 10, 2012 at 9:57 am

    it was a nice experience once again watching titanic on big screen n that too in 3d, i loved this movie when it was released in 2d years back n it somewhat reminded me of my teenage memories too, overall 3d quality is good but not best but loved it anyways

  • Jay Lo April 19, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Great review Dave! I thought the movie was awesome, and I agree the 3-D wasn’t much to brag about. I wanted to go and view the movie to try and recapture that first time experience 15 years ago. I’ve watched Titanic a few dozen times, using my Hopper DVR receiver. This will let me access my Blockbuster @ Home feature, streaming it or access my DVR recording in any room. This works great to start and stop in different places. I enjoy having over 250 hours of HD so I never have to delete events as often. This was a get suggestion from my coworker at DISH.

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