The first disconcerting rumble from the new Spider Man movie.

I saw a trailer for the new Spider Man move and I have to say I had my first “Uh oh” moment.  First of all, the one thing that Toby Maguire had right was he looked like the kind of dork Peter Parker really was.  They managed to emo that out of him in the last movie, but he looked exactly like what I would imagine Parker looking like.  This new kid looks like some kind of male model.  Sure that might work for the girls out there, but are they really the target audience for this film?

The second thing was in all the Spider Man comics I read in my life I can count on like three fingers the number of times he would run around in costume but without the mask.  It was so a part of his personality that he even wore it in the Marvel Zombies series.  Yet the trailers show him without mask more than with.  I guess they want to show the new guys pretty face.

Finally, while I know the quest to find Peter Parkers lost parents was a part of a few comics, first of all it wasn’t the burning question on his mind all his life.  He had a very pleasant childhood with Ben and May and until the Ultimate series never even seemed to care that much.  Furthermore, when he did find out he had to go to Algiers to investigate.  Another thing that made Spider Man so cool was the fact that Parker was pretty much an average kid like everyone else, but this movie seems to want to make him out to some kind of “chosen one” or something.

On the other hand it looks like they are bringing back the mechanical web shooters, which I like.  That whole shooting webs out of your arm sounded lazy to me.  Also, technically if he could organically shoot webs out of his body shouldn’t the web spinners have been coming out of his butt?

The Spider Man image comes from Dave’s Marvel comic t shirt collection, by the way.


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  • Byron May 21, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    Yeah, this trailer took all my excitement away. It doesn’t feel right. I also just don’t like spiderman as much as other heroes or universes.

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