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Green Lantern is Gay

I don’t mean that in any way as an insult.  It is a fact.  DC Comics has announced that they are having Green Lantern come out of the closet and enjoy his freedom to be whomever he chooses.

I see this as a really positive statement not just in support of gay rights but rather in support of human rights.  Humans should have the freedom to have whatever makes them happy in their life, as long as that doesn’t interfere with other people’s happiness.  I am also glad we live in a time where we are no long slaves to the negative stereotypes associated with gays and their abilities to be heroes of any stripe.  We have gay cops, firefighters, and soldiers and I think they are all heroes.  I furthermore applaud DC’s commitment to their support in casting a major character from their pantheon as gay.  The easy and cheesy way would have been to either create a new gay superhero or take some minor character from the past and make him or her gay.

The interesting part for me will come in the months ahead as we can see how this revelation is received by the American public.  Dave sells a good number of Green Lantern t shirts from his DC Comic t shirt collection and I am very curious to see if he sees either a spike or drop in sales.  However, I say to anyone who drops his or her fandom of Green Lantern over this you should consider the fact that you were a fan when you thought he was straight.  His orientation did nothing to change his actions.  He is still the super hero he always was.


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