A question about Spider Man’s web shooters.

So I have a question about Spider Man.  It looks like in the new movie they are adding in the artificial web shooters that he should have had from the beginning.  I know I asked about this stuff before but another question occurred to me.

As any fan of the comic knows, Peter Parker used science to invent his web shooters and web fluid, which creates webs that dissolved after an hour.  While this is cool and all, I have to wonder about how Peter Parker keeps himself supplied with web fluid.

Think about it.  Spider Man shoots webs at every opportunity and in the comic he would often have to stop to replace his web cartridges.  However, give the fact that he is a full time student, photographer, and spends hours a day patrolling New York City when does he have time to cook up more web fluid?  He is pretty broke most of the time, so where does he get the raw material?  I would imagine it’s it made of pretty esoteric chemicals.  Where does he go to get his stuff?  Also, couldn’t someone trying to find him analyze the webs and track him down through his suppliers?

Anyway, that’s it.  This image I got from Dave’s Marvel comic t-shirt collection.  Very very cool IMO.


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