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Crystals finally bite the dust in the new Superman movie

I for one couldn’t be happier.  I always felt the whole “Kryptonian society is all based on crystals” to be a little too hippy dippy new age.  Also, how exactly do crystals grow without some other source to fuel the growth?  Isn’t there some law about matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Dave would know that.  He’s the science nerd.

When you go back to the original comics there was none of this crystal crap either.  Krypton was shown as a very advanced planet, not the inside of the universes biggest geode.  They had flying cars that looked right.  The ship Kal-el stuffed young Superman into looked like a Christmas tree ornament.

Also, what was the deal with using a giant flat crystal as a bed and then having sex with Lois Lane on it?  I can tell you from experience that more than once a month on the kitchen floor is a little rough, and unless you are really drunk you don’t want to sleep on it.

It was all 70’s hippy junk IMO, and one of the weaknesses from the last movie was the need they felt to make the magic crystals into a major point of the film.  I think Lex Luthor is smart enough to come up with a way to wreck the planet without stealing alien technology.

Like his Batman collection, Dave has a massive amount of Superman t shirts, which is where I got this image.  He’s such a fan boy.


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