A dumb question from the new Spider Man movie.

OK, I finally got around to seeing this film, and a couple things struck me as painfully stupid.  I’m only going to as one tonight, as Dave keeps wanting me to post more frequently, but this one is bugging the hell out of me.

Here it is.  Peter Parker walks into the very high security OsCorp building, complete with some serious security guards, and manages to convince the receptionist that is is some foreign guy.  Is she so dumb that she never thought to check an ID?  Especially after he seems vague and confused as to the whole intern thing?  Then, a few minutes later another guy shows up who probably has legitimate ID and they frog march him out of the building.  At that point Peter is more or less free to roam the building at will and defeat hi tech security in order to get into the radioactive spider room.  How stupid do they think we really are?  This is just dumb.

The Spider Man picture I pulled out of Dave’s Marvel T Shirt collection.  I am a fan of those old school images.


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