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Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill

As any nerd can tell you, the great Mark Hamill played Kenneth Dantley Jr.  in the epic film Corvette Summer (he also played Luke Skywalker in the original (by that I mean good) Star Wars trilogy but no one bothers to remember that) and as such is an icon of nerd culture.  However, what a lot of less well informed people don’t know is since then he has become an amazing voice over guy and did one of the greatest cartoon voices ever, the Joker from the original Batman the Animated Series.

Words cannot accurately describe how awesome this voice was.  When I think of Joker I hear Mark Hamill’s insane cackle in the back of my head.  He had the perfect combination of humorous clown and psychotic killer all wrapped up in one.  Amazing.

Anyway, today is Mark’s birthday and I would like to wish him a happy one.  Thank you sir, for being a part of a huge piece of my childhood and then moving on to do even more cool stuff.  I salute you.

By the way, if you want to have some fun Google “Star Wars Muppet Show” and enjoy seeing Mark guest star on the Muppets.  But don’t do the Holiday Special unless you want all things good in your life to turn to ash forever.  I’m not kidding at all on that.  If you watch that film you will want to die.

Joker image courtesy of the DC Comic T Shirt category BTW.


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