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How does Superman cut his hair?

Yes, I’m back and should have time once more to write all the wonderful reviews and theories that you, my beloved readers, have come to expect and adore.  In fact I have one on deck that I am writing in a bit.  However, yesterday I drove home from LA which is six hours of nothing but time to think.  Sometimes I come up with something brilliant and other times I come up with questions like this one.

Think about it.  Superman is effectively indestructible.  Wouldn’t his hair destroy any scissors you tried to use it on?  My best friend told me he was a comic once where Superman reflected his heat vision off a mirror to cut it.  This is all well and good, but the thing is mirrors reflect lasers, not heat vision.  He doesn’t have laser eyes.  All that would happen is the mirror would just get super hot.

Let’s say that this were even true.  First of all have you ever tried to cut your own hair in a mirror?  I sometimes trim my eyebrows and let me tell you I am in severe danger of giving myself an accidental lobotomy every time.  What happens if a fly buzzes by real fast and for just a second you track it with your eyes while styling your hair.  Isn’t Superman in serious danger of giving himself an unintentional no-hawk?

For that matter, no one ever notices that Supermans hair length is the exact same as Clark Kent, and they get their hair cut at exactly the same time?  How dumb is Lois Lane?  If male pattern baldness runs in the -el family keeping his secret identity intact may prove problematic.

Sorry, I know.  Completely irrelevant tangent.  This is what keeps me up at night and awake on late night Christmas drives.  Superman logo courtesy of the Superman T Shirt category.  I will be working on a film review shortly.  Talk to you soon.


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