Girl Rising Movie Review

An important lesson is learned about always watching a trailer before seeing a film.

Not to say this film was bad.  Just that I walked in expecting to see a chick flick with lots of people coming to terms with stuff and instead got a documentary designed to make me feel guilty for living in a 1st world country and for being a man.

As an extremely regular movie goer I have memberships to pretty much every theater reward program out there.  Typically this gets me cheap popcorn and the occasional free movie ticket but a couple weeks ago it spat out a free pass to see this movie.  I am if nothing else cheap, and giving me a free pass to a new screening is akin to waving the red flag in front of the bull (although I will admit on the rare occasion that I see a film for free or early I tend to start of more kindly disposed to the film (to any Hollywood marketing firms out there that was a less than subtle hint)).

Girl Rising is a documentary about the importance of educating girls and young women in third world hell holes.  As a marketing tool I will have to say it is shockingly effective as I am now an advocate for this.  No joke I am going to try to scrape together a few ducats and send it to the charity behind this thing (and if you knew how I live you would understand what that means.  My life savings is in t-shirts right now and my business is not exactly capable of doing more that buying me the occassional quesadilla from Burrito Ole’.)  Showing real people in real situations is always more impactful than all the fake tears and stuntmen Hollywood can through at us, and when those real people are cute little girls from across the globe it will pull at your heartstrings with monster truck force.

During the course of this film I felt a wide gamut of emotions.  I felt fear for a couple of the girls who were honestly in danger, rage and helplessness in the face of others who were raped or sold (if you don’t feel an urge to punch the first six men you come across after listening to a 12 year old Egyptian girl talk about being raped and then married off a year later you are not human.  Feel free to leave the planet by the quickest method available), and happiness and exaltation for the girls who managed to succeed and excel through education.  I have spent most of my life pretending to be Spock emotionally (DJ Spock image courtesy of the Star Trek T Shirt category) but this film blasted through my defenses like a bullet train through a paper towel fence.

The overriding message is that educating girls in Third World countries is an extremely powerful tool for helping not only the girls themselves but the world in general.  Educating girls will grossly benefit the countries GNP, cut down immensely on rape, human trafficking, death from childbirth, overpopulation, and reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.  This is all in addition to the massive personal benefit to the girls in question.  It shows this presenting short vignettes about 9 different girls from 9 different countries.  Some of them are stories of girls finding an education in spite of the cultural and economic issues facing them.  These are the happy stories.  Others are about girls who can’t get an education due (and in some cases it is illegal for them to do so) and the horrible things that happen or face them because of that. Each vignette is followed by very interesting statistics on how education can benefit these girls.

I was going to give a quick rundown on each of the girls but halfway through it decided one sentence descriptions does not do them the justice the deserve.  I will just say it’s worth your time to see each one, even if some of them will have you clawing your own face off in frustration.

I am not going to bother with my usual stars/black holes rating system.  I called this blog a review for lack of a more descriptive term but this film can’t be reviewed by normal means.  It is not a traditional film.  Is it powerful?  Yes.  Will you want to do something at the end of it?  Yes.  Will you feel good afterward?  Depends on which story you want to focus on, but knowing that for every positive one there are probably thousands of negative ones probably not.  Not all movies are about feeling good.

The part of this film that I had the hardest time was waiting for the denouement.  As a patron of the Hollywood movie set I spent most of the movie waiting for Jason Stratham to break in with a sub machine gun and rescue each of them but you know what?  That sort of hero doesn’t exist in real life.  The actual heroes are regular people like you and me who take a stand and do what is within our means.  I don’t usually do this sort of thing but I invite each one of you to visit Girl Rising, the website of the organization that put this film together, and do whatever you can to help.  If you have money send money.  If you don’t then try to watch the film or social media the crap out of them.  Facebook, Twitter, whatever it is you kids are doing these days to get the word out.  I am not much of a social activist and I hate this Jerry’s Kid’s style telethon BS intensely but if you saw this film you would understand why I now care (and if you know me you know how little I care about almost anything).  Please do what you can.

I always say thanks for reading at the end of my blogs, but this time really thank you for reading.  Follow me on Twitter @Nerdkungfu.  Comments on this cause or movie can be put here and off topic questions or suggestions can be emailed to  Thank you again.


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