Kick Ass 2 Movie Review

Pretty much lives up to it’s name.

Yes I’m still sluggish getting these out.  Saw this movie Thursday night but honestly if you saw the amount of work I have piled up (literally) you would understand.

So I enjoyed this film about as much as I expected to (something of a singular event these days).  Fortunately I expected to enjoy it a lot.  This film follows the typical sequel pattern of a kick ass first movie (haw!) followed by a sequel that is about 80% of the first one.  However, when you have a movie as good as the first Kick Ass 80% of it make it as good or better than all the Ryan Reynolds films put together.

The film definitely had a different tone.  I would have to say this one was darker, grimmer, and lacking in the cuteness of young Hit Girl.  Her assault down the hallway in the gangster penthouse (with Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts playing in the background) is one of my personal favorite action scenes of the last ten years.  She is an iconic character and based on the number of HG costumes I saw at Comic Con a popular one.

Hit Girl is back, but now is cursed with all the teenaged angst that they seem to hand girls on their first day of high school.  Due to the nature of the story she is in the film less and fight less, at least until the last 20 minutes, and her fights are just not as super squirrelly as they were in the last one.  Her best fight she is not even wearing her HG costume, although that was the fight that most reminded me of the last film.

On the other hand Kick Ass is back and faces some interesting comic book-ish issues, such as why he even became a super hero and what he hopes to accomplish from it.  A lot of this movie is taken up with him and Hit Girl in street clothes trying to figure out what they should be doing in life, which tended to make the film less cool and exciting but added a nice note of realism and drama otherwise missing from the last one.

The story starts off with Kick Ass (Anderson Taylor-Johnson-Kick Ass, Savages, Nowhere Boy) back in high school with Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz-Dark Shadows, Hugo, Let Me In), except Hit Girl has been cutting class to train.  She gets Kick Ass (yes, I know his character name is Dave and Hit Girl’s is Mindy.  I just like calling them by their superhero names) to join her and they start fighting some crime.  During their first caper she gets caught by her now legal guardian Marcus (Morris Chestnut-the Call, Boys in the Hood, Identity Thief) and he gets her to promise to stop with the Hit Girl thing.  She does out of respect for her father.

Meanwhile Kick Ass has a taste for the action and looks for other super heroes to team up with.  New York is now lousy with them and through a guy called Dr. Gravity (Donald Faison-Scrubs, Remember the Titans, Clueless) he meets up with Justice Forever, a team lead by the psychotic Col. Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey-Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show).  One of his fellow team members Battle Guy is his old friend Marty (Clark Duke-Hot Tub Time Machine, A Thousand Words, the Croods) and a hot chick named Night Bitch (Lindy Booth-Wrong Turn, Relic Hunter, Dawn of the Dead (image courtesy of the Zombie T Shirt category)).  They run around the city doing public service and catching bad guys.

Meanwhile Kick Ass’s old enemy Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse-Superbad, Role Models, Pitch Perfect) is back.  He has kind of lost it and is now a super villain named the M-F-er whose sole purpose is to cause pain and suffering in order to destroy Kick Ass.  He recruits a bunch of other psychopaths and they go berserk.

I’m going to blow off the rest of the story mainly because it’s late and I always find the story recap to be the most boring and arduous part of these reviews.  A movie like this I expect any of my readers to see so the recap is redundant anyway.  Sufficed to say crosses are doubled, stuff gets blown up, and a lot of asses get kicked.

The stars:

Hit Girl is awesome again.  One star.  The evil team the M-F-er put together was also pretty awesome, especially Mother Russia.  One star.  I expected all the new super heroes to suck (except for Col. Stars and Stripes) but in fact they were each cool in their own way.  One star.  All the acting was dead on perfect.  One star.  The story delved deeper into the angst of being a super hero than most films bother to.  I thought it was neat.  One star.  The fight scenes were all really cool and fun.  One star.  Comic book movie.  One star.  Over all a fun, exciting film.  Two stars.  Total: nine stars.

The black holes:

Honestly I’m at a loss.  I could give one for there being less action and more character development, but I just gave the film a star for that a in the last paragraph.  Pacing slugged up at times but overall felt right.  I’m going to have to do my very rare no black hole reviews.  There wasn’t anything I wish they did differently.

So a total of nine stars and my hearty endoursement of this film.  Not better than Kick Ass, but worthy be being mentioned in the same sentence.  Please see this film in a theater.  We need to encourage quality film.  Date movie?  Meh.  Romance was kind of limited to Kick Ass knocking boots with Night Bitch in a bathroom, so not really.  Plus if are a Hit Girl fan you might end up looking kind of creepy.  Bathroom break?  Depends on what you are here for.  If all you want is action that kicks ass (that’s the last one I swear) I’d say go in any of the scenes where Hit Girl is trying to convince Kick Ass to put on his costume or Kick Ass is trying to do the same for Hit Girl.  If you like the characters and angst involved go during any of the action scenes.  (Or if you are a true fan just hold it.  It’s only 103 minutes long).

Thanks for reading.  I’ll see something tomorrow for sure, but have another trip to Las Vegas that I leave for Monday so I don’t know if I will have time to write it up.  Sorry.  Follow me on Twitter @Nerdkungfu.  By the way it would be very cool if you liked us on Facebook.  If you have comments about this film or my review feel free to post a comment here.  Off topic suggestions and review can be emailed to  Talk to you soon.



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