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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 66 Wink of an Eye

Note-I screwed up the ordering and originally wrote this and called it Episode 68.  Now I need to flagellate myself for sins against Star Trek.

This is one I only saw a couple times as a kid and never really absorbed much.  I just went over the plot again and am trying to come up with something interesting to make a comment on but am coming up dry.  I will say the timing of the episode (haw!) always struck me as a little bit odd.  Given when Spock and McCoy find the Scalosian water in Kirks coffee until the time they find an antidote shouldn’t a couple months have passed for Kirk?  Seems off to me.

This is a rare episode where I did not find the Kirk girl to be the woman of my dreams.  Deela, Queen of the Scalosians didn’t really have it in the face to turn me on.  I’m partial to brunettes and those pale water blue eyes always kind of leave me cold.  However I will give them an A for the costume she was wearing.  In the years since I have been inundated by images of naked women but at age 8 that one completely bare leg and midriff was an eye opening experience.

I suppose the reason this episode never struck home was even as a kid I thought the Scalosians plan was pretty stupid.  You want to accelerate yourself so that you live and die in the time it takes a normal speed human to have dinner?  What’s the point of that?  It seems they could have dedicated more time and effort to some other trick.  If you are super fast how do you grow food?  Do plants grow at super speed too?  See what I mean?  Zombie T ShirtsAlso what was up with that cellular damage being fatal?  Don’t you damage yourself every time you take a step on some level?  How long do you have until the slightest scratch doesn’t kill you?  Definitely a season 3 worthy episode.  The I’m Fine shirt I found in our Zombie T Shirt collection BTW.


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