Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 38 I, Mudd

All good things in entertainment go their start in Star Trek (at least in my mind) and in this episode we see the origin of the recurring villain (I know, Doctor Who probably did it first but throw me a bone here people).  Yes, the great Harcourt Fenton Mudd (and no, I did not have to look up his whole name.  I’m too big a fan for that.  Challenge me with something hard, like what are TOS space outposts along the Nuetral Zone made of?  (Cast rodinium)) resurfaces to once again plague the crew of the Enterprise.

I’m going to give this episode an A++ for continuity in that everyone from the ship recognized Harry EXCEPT Chekov.  Why not Chekov you ask?  Because he did not join the Enterprise until Season 2 and Mudd’s Women was Season 1.  This is the kind of fact checking and professionalism I long for in modern entertainment writing.  It’s almost like they knew 50 years in the future loser nerds such as myself would have nothing better to do than analyze and notice things like this (what’s that you say?  Kironide?  Psycho-tricorder?  Yangs?  Gary Seven?  You just reminded me of something important-shut up).

Movie T ShirtsI have to say this is also one of the most fun episodes ever.  Mudd is great, and the way Spock and the crew foil the androids is pure Star Trek brilliance.  Plus the punishment Kirk thought up with for Harry was awesome (“Stella, dear”.  Again, no need for me to look up her name.  Am I not awesome?  Hot female Trek fans should be throwing themselves at me, unless this is Mirror Earth again.  I couldn’t find an image I liked for this post from Star Trek but this Weyland-Yutani android logo from Aliens seems to fit in with the androids from Mudds world.  I pulled it from the movie t shirt category).

Speaking of quality writing over the last couple years I have gotten a certain amount of heat from my fellow nerds (I refuse to call them Star Trek fans) for my brutal and unforgiving review of the last awful, awful JJ Abrams space fiasco (I also refuse to call it a Star Trek film).  Well, I was very gratified to come across this very accurate Star Trek Into Darkness Honest trailer by the good people at Screen Junkies.  If you have always felt like there was something wrong with that film but couldn’t put your finger on it (and are too busy to read the 3,833 words I wrote on it in my own Into Darkness Review) watching this will shed a lot of light on your puzzlement.

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