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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 3 of 15

13.  Gleep and Gloop from the Herculoids

There are times when I value silence in my friends (in other words once in a while I wish they would shut the hell up) and Gleep and Gloop don’t really say much.  Plus they are like walking marshmellows with eyes and a mouth.  I kind of always liked that look for being a comic character I can actually draw myself.  I was a fan of Shmoo too but he never shut up.  Gleep and Gloop have a flying dragon they can ride around on and if there is a cooler means of travel short of a transporter I don’t know what it is.  I kind of see these guys hanging around my crib like animated bean bag chairs and nodding or making agreeing noises every time I say something pithy.  Plus I figure if I hang around with them long enough I’ll be able to solve the mystery of whether they are husband and wife, brothers, sisters, father/mother and son/daughter, or for that matter what sex they are anyway.  It’s those sorts of questions that keep me up at night.

Punisher t shirtsWhy would Gleep and Gloop want to be my friends?  Duh.  They are walking talking skinless marshmellow chicks.  I think they would be thrilled to be friends with anyone with a skeletal system.

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