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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 4 of 15

12.  Coach McGuirk from Home Movies.

Generally watching sports sucks for me, and of all the sports none is as boring as soccer.  However the greatest figure in soccer for me will always be Coach McGuirk.  He treats it with the appropriate amount of seriousness.  He drinks a lot of beer, has a cool voice, and is super sarcastic in a dumb way.  Plus he drives a cool car.  I would want him to be my friend so he could be the best wingman ever.  He has massive cojones and will talk to any girl out there but is such a boorish oaf that it would not be hard to totally swoop in and score over him.  Plus he is in terrible physical shape so it would not be hard to look better then him.  Curious George t shirtsBasically I would be using him like the man in the yellow hat uses Curious George to score with women (I have always assumed.  Image courtesy of the Curious George t shirt category)

Why would Coach McGuirk want to be my friend?  Well, like him I hate soccer and am sarcastic.  I’m good at pushing cars so when his breaks down I can help him.  I think he and I could just relax and then head out to a bar to try to pick up chicks.  He is not the best thinker and the cool thing about having some dumb friends is they are easy to fool.  All my friends are smarter than I am damn the luck.  I’m McGuirk to them.



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