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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 6 of 15

10.  Marla Singer from Fight Club

Movie T ShirtAt first I was just going to go with Tyler Durden but when you think about it he’s kind of dangerous to hang around with.  Sure he delivers amazing monologs but how long before he has you fighting Meatloaf or trying to blow up a Starbucks?  Those sorts of things can get you killed, whereas just watching Marla function is a class of entertainment beyond the pale.  She says outrageous things, is hot in that crazy slutty sort of way, and apparently will eventually get bored and sleep with anything with a pulse and Y chromosome (or so I like to think).  You might be exacerbated by her (driving her to rehab, listening to her try to shock you and all your friends, having her pass out and die choking on her own vomit) but you will never, ever be bored by her.  Plus if she goes really bugnuts crazy you can probably just lose her number and never worry about it again.

Also I imaging the actual sex must by amazing.

Why would she want to be friends with me?  Well, in spite of my many dating problems and massive ego I am actually a really good friend for a girl to have.  I am a great listener, am handy when it come time to move furniture or tote bales, and if things ever got creepy with any of her boyfriends have been known to intimidate the heck out of people.  Obviously that would have no effect on Tyler Durden but anyone not in a fight club tends to avoid me when I have my game face on.

The Fight Club poster comes from the movie t shirt category.  Very cool IMO.



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