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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 9 of 15

7.  Gonzo the Great from the Muppets

Funny T ShirtI would love to be friends with Gonzo for the same reason I love watching Jackass: there is nothing funnier then watching friends of yours slightly injure themselves doing ridiculous things.  I would be totally happy just hanging out at Gonzos place watching his home movies.  Also Gonzo is a serious player, surrounded by mass numbers of hot chicks (haw!) at all times and I would hope to learn a thing or two from him.  What is it about him that attracts the ladies?  The wild man attitude?  The creative mind?  The willingness to risk his life for a laugh?  The huge curved beak?  What?

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Why would Gonzo want to be my friend?  Well, I have been known to do the occasional foolhardy and reckless stunts, and if nothing else would always be willing to hold the camera.  I have my Red Cross first aid certificate (long story on that) and do not faint at the sight of blood (I cannot promise the same for compound fractures however).  He and I have different taste in women (he goes for the short, rounder girls with white feathers and a cute beak and I go for humans) so we would not be competing on the field of love.  I would totally support him in that whenever he suggested some wild stunt to Kermit I would call out from the back “That sounds awesome dude!”



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