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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 11 of 15

5.  Scotty from Star Trek

I know what you are thinking.  I am such a fan boy why would I not choose Kirk or Spock?  Well, to be honest Spock is not exactly a barrel of laughs to hang out with and Kirk would score with every chick in the place human or otherwise leaving you walking morosely home alone.  Also he seems to be kind of a mean drunk.  Scotty, on the other hand, is a party even when he’s not drinking and when he has a few watch out!  In short order we could be singing Irish ballads, making inept pick up attempts at hot green girls, and getting into barroom brawls with Klingons.  Also never forget that at one point he was almost convicted of being a serial killer and if that isn’t the coolest story to tell chicks at a bar I don’t know what is.

Why would Scotty want to be my friend?  Well, I am part Irish and have a deep appreciation of his accent.  I’m not much of a drinker myself and would therefore give him the lions share of the Romulan ale.  Funny T ShirtsPlus while I don’t get drunk a lot I always have a lot of fun watching drunk people stumble along and fall on their face (Alcohol image comes from the funny t shirt category).  In my defense I am also really good about making sure my drunk friends get home safe, so Scotty would definitely be in his bunk in one piece.




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