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15 Fictional Characters I wish were real life friends of mine: 13 of 15

3.  Jayne Cobb from Firefly

Firefly TshirtsDoes this one even need an explanation?  What thinking nerd doesn’t want to be friends with Jayne?  His is super cool, super fun, a hero in a town that produces mud, and has excellent taste in headgear.  He says some of the best lines ever (“Pain is scary”) and has a very direct approach to problem solving that I wish more of my actual friends would adapt.  Plus he is a family man and cares for his mother and sister.  You can’t help but respect that.

Why would Jayne want to be my friend?  Good question.  He is not exactly the friendly type.  I have the feeling earning Jayne’s friendship is a lot of work and can be dropped for the right amount of money.  He is a mercenary through and through and I wouldn’t count on him doing anything for friendship.  I think the best I could hope for would be a friendly acquaintance.  In truth I would be happy with that.

This image is from one of my all time favorite Firefly tshirts.  I think it is awesome and says everything you ever needed to know about Jayne.



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