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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 25 the Devil in the Dark

Jaws t shirtsAs a kid the Horta scared the crap out of me.  It was way worse than Jaws, Freddy, Jason, or any other horror film I have seen ever since (except maybe Punpkinhead.  Also Pennywise from it, but that is a clown.  Jaws is a close second and the image I got from one of the many Jaws t shirts in our horror collection).  An invulnerable rock monster that looks like a moving pile of guts and dissolves men alive in acid?  Good thing I’m not Kirk as I would have evacuated every human on the planet and cut it in half with the Enterprise phasers.  Gah.  Odds are it was worse because it involved characters I knew and loved but still.

When you think about it was saving the Horta (was that the single creatures name or the race?) the right thing to do?  I mean how do they keep all those baby Hortas from attacking humans?  What if one of them turns out to be the Horta equivalent of Ted Bundy and just opts to kill people?  How do you track him down?  Can you pick out which Horta did what out of a lineup?  Let us not disregard the commercial value of novelty Horta eggs (or silicon nodules).  I could totally see these selling at Ikea as a table centerpiece.  I’m just saying.

The Infamous Dave Inman.

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