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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 23 A Taste of Armageddon

Video Game T shirtThis is an episode that strikes a cord with most nerds.  I mean, which of us hasn’t simulated interplanetary war on a computer at some point?  The Eminiarians and Vendikarians just took it to the next level and started executing simulated casualties.  It’s like if South Korea and North Korea chose to restart hostilities but instead of fighting opted to play marathon games of Starcraft II (I think South Korea might have the advantage.  Starcraft image courtesy of the video game t shirt category).

This is one of those episodes that doesn’t really spring to mind when I think of my favorites but if I see it I realize I like it a lot.  It’s pretty damned cool, has a great title, a jackass that Kirk gets to put in his place, and the chance to wreak havoc upon not one but two planetary civilizations.  Prime Directive?  What’s that again?  Also the Eminiarian sonic disruptor pistols look a lot cooler than most of the Federation weapons.  Thank god in Next Gen they brought back the phaser rifle (previously only seen in one episode of TOS, Where No Man Has Gone Before).

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