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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 22 Space Seed

This episode holds a very special place in my heart if only because it launched the best Star Trek movie the Wrath of Khan (Maybe I will marry TWOK!  Shut up!).  Even without the amazing movie following it up this would be one of the best episodes.  Kirk is outclassed in every way by Khan physically, mentally, and sexually (yes, one episode where another stellar sexual magnet out sexy’s the Captain.  Good thing they filmed this in Season 1 or Shatner never would have let that slide) and like in TWOK the only way Kirk can beat Khan is with his greater experience in the Enterprise and later in starship combat.

Superman t shirtsThe base premise is cool although somewhat flawed.  It made a lot of sense in the 70s to breed super men but honestly these days can you really imagine making a super human that would be able to out  perform what we all know what machines will eventually be capable of doing?  However I liked the idea of a crew of super beings running around conquering the universe.  Too bad in Trek Into Darkness they didn’t thaw out the rest of the Botany Bay crew.  I guess they were afraid to make the movie too interesting.

Anyway, awesome episode one well worth our love and admiration.  The image I grabbed from our collection of Superman t shirts BTW.

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