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Fury Review Part 2

From the first trailer I knew I was going to love Fury.  You see I am what wargammers call a treadhead.  I love tanks and always have.  On the rare occasion that I travel if there is a tank museum anywhere around I will always try to visit it.  The addition of a tank of any kind will automatically make a movie better.  The Bridges of Madison County would have been an amazing film if Clint Eastwood had driven around in an M60 Patton.  Here is a list off the top of my head of movies that rocked because they had tanks in them: Tank, the Beast (amazing movie BTW), Time Bandits, Tank Girl, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, A Bridge Too Far, and Patton.  Some of these films sucked, but the tank made them better.  So naturally I was inclined to love a film about a tank crew.

I was extremely gratified to see that David Ayers either knows a thing or two about tanks or he did some research because he accurately showed how good American tanks were in WWII and that is they were crap on a stick.  American tanks sucked back then and we made up for that failure by just making over 50,000 of them.  Kind of hard on the crews but we really didn’t have a choice.  Hulk t shirtThis film accurately showed what would happen if a Tiger I (the Hulk of WWII tanks.  Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E.  Image courtesy of the Hulk t shirt category) encountered four M4 Shermans: the Tiger kicked seven kinds of ass on the Shermans and only by being very lucky was Fury able to beat it.  I was also thrilled to see they actually got a hold of the last working Tiger tank in the world and used it for the film.  That kind of tread accuracy does my heart good.

This film was also great in showing what it would be like to be a crewman in a tank in battle.  The accurately captured the claustrophobia and terror.  The action scenes were great.  During the many battle scenes I experienced the rarest gift a film can give an audience member: excitement.  I was actively gripping my armrests after watching the tanks in action knowing that any one of them could blow up at any time.  The action was also horrific and gruesome.  If watching men burn alive in battle isn’t your thing this might not work for you.




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